I wanted to follow up from your post on Rehome about more information about Nyke and Griffey. 

Nyke is 10.5 years old.
She is a German Shepherd x Golden Retriever mix. 
She is the smartest dog in the world! She was my first real dog that I had and I have her trained incredibly well. I can share all the things she can do when we meet. There is a lot. 
She is totally happy to go for a 30 min walk and then sleep all day long or play all day long. She is great with kids, (we have a 5 year old and will have a newborn come September, which is why we are looking to rehome our two pup kiddos). Nyke is great with cats and other animals. 

Both Nyke and Griffey are great travelers. They are good at home by themselves all day long. 

Loves walks/runs/exploring all day long AND sleeping all day long haha. He is a great “look out” dog. He does a great job keeping all the squirrels out of the yard for us. He loves to talk with you if you talk to him. He’s a sweet heart really. 

We feed them both once a day. Nyke will eat her food when she wants to throughout the day. Griffey will eat his food right then and there. They are both ball and food driven. We’ve been feeding them Kirkland Signature Chicken Rice & Vegetables Dog Food. 

Here are some photos of them. We don’t let them up on the furniture anymore. They have a huge bed that they both sleep on that is in one of the pictures! We used to let them sleep in our bed and bedroom but our bed got too small for two big dogs and my wife and I. 

Happy to chat with you over the phone if you have more questions or schedule some time over the weekend to meet them. 

Joshua L Clayton

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence" - Vince Lombardi